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Amrut Khadyajatra

The Event was held on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Oct 2015 at Amrut Bhavan, Nagpur. Event was to give a experience of diverse & mouthwatering food culture in Maharashtra. 

The event was a tremendous success. It registered a footfall of over 3500+ Happy people. Never before in Nagpur had been an Maharastrian Food Festival of that big scale. Food, Music, Media, fun, plays, there was just everything.

There were over 30+ delicious dishes, representing the amazing heritage, taste that Maharastrian Food Culture had. Some dishes were so unique that could not be found around Nagpur.

Overwhelmed by the amazing response from people, media and Nagpur Foodies we cannot thank Nagpurians enough. Just cant wait for the 2016 version of Amrut Khadyajatra.

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